In Startup Capitals (Random House), Zafar Anjum evaluates top ten startup hot spots across the world. The book meticulously sets up the context in terms of growing stages of companies, the role of various players in each stage, the important role of innovation and technology and the most important cog of this wheel — the venture capital, their role and evolution. The book dwells on the evolution of each city with the factors that contributed in the development of the ecosystem and the type of companies that are shaping up in that city.  In India, cities such as Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai are attracting startups because of the buzz, the charged up environment, and abundance of people chasing their dreams.

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BTBacked by research, first-hand interviews with technopreneurs from various cities and written with the incisive analysis of an experienced tech writer, he lays bare the challenges of failing to attract talent and create jobs. Cities and entire societies which were ahead of others in affluence and wealth until recently can decay and fall rapidly behind if they don’t innovate constantly… Despite the abundance of data, the book is an easy read and is recommended reading for anyone who is in interested in exploring the world of startups and innovation.

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Ceylon TodayIt doesn’t matter how scholarly the books on business are, very often they fail to engage the common readers. Written for specific groups, the books hardly attract the general masses. Startup Capitals by Zafar Anjum is an exceptional one in business genre that defies such dogmas by engaging the readers beyond the business fraternity. The book is on the theme of global startup, it insightfully transforms into a precise travelogue to espouse the readers to tour the world’s business hubs. Readers learn about such places as if they virtually tour into those destinations.

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